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"Luke & Oliver received the paintings of their favorite stuffed animals just as they were learning to understand their first words. Now we make it a ritual for both nap & bedtime to say goodnight to Mr. Crab, Hibou & Lapin. We say their names & they point to the right painting or make the corresponding animal sounds. Their animals brought to life in such a sweet way are the highlight of their room. Thank you Peter & Stuffed Animal Art!" ~Lucy & Cedric Martin

“When Nikolai looks at his favorite stuffed animal his face is an expression of pure joy and delight. He is very rarely without him and always knows where he is. One day after seeing Stuffed Animal Art’s paintings Niko turned to his dad and asked ‘When’s my Paulie going to get a painting done?’ What a perfect birthday present this was for him!” ~ Keith & Dana Lulewich

“This Blue Bear has been with Julia since she was born. Both the stuffed animal and the painting were gifts from a dear friend, which makes them both very cherished. The Blue Bear and the painting of it will be with us for a lifetime and will always remind us of this very special time in all of our lives.” ~Nicole Ghastin-Ketchem

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