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Peter Coley and Linda Bloom-Coley are long-time residents of New York City and the husband and wife team behind Stuffed Animal Art.

Married for 24 years, their story began with a stuffed animal. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Peter gave Bartholomew to Linda, who was already living in New York, as a way of staying connected during their long distance relationship.

Tales and photos of Bartholomew’s adventures in and around NYC became a special and loving way of communicating over the miles through letters (hand written!) and phone calls.

Click or tap here to see some pics of his adventures! 

Peter Coley
Born in Victoria British Columbia, Peter’s work has been showcased in New York City and in Canada both in galleries as well as private
and corporate collections. A fine artist and largely self-taught over the last 20 plus years he continues to explore technique and style and specializes in working with watercolor and acrylic painting.

Peter strives to capture the essence and personality of each unique stuffed animal. He believes that like living creatures, this can be found particularly in the eyes. These fond friends take on lives and stories of their own for him and he understands their value as best friends, no matter how “well-loved” or even well worn by that love they may be.

To see more of his work, please visit

Linda Bloom-Coley
Originally from the North Shore suburbs of Boston, Linda came to New York to pursue her dreams as a dancer and musical theater performer. Her successful career included a stint of precision dancing & "eye-high kicks" as a Radio City Rockette! 

After working in the world of event production and design, she can now be found teaching yoga and heard doing voice overs. Linda had a collection of stuffed animals as a child and still has a few of them that have lasted the years. She knows first hand how many memories and emotions can be wrapped up in these cute furry friends.

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